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Hair Guide: The Art of Surviving an Outdoor Music Fest

Music festivals are nothing new, but over the past few years they have become all the rave. From the infamous Woodstock to the current Coachella Fest to the EDM fan fave Camp Bisco, and wild card Bonaroo they all have something in common for fans other than just the music and artists, and that is the eclectic styles of hair, makeup, and clothing at these fests.

Everyone wants to look good but trying to look good while mowing down on a giant slab of fried dough and slurping on 9 dollar beers when its 90 degrees out and your shoving your way to the front row is a feat few can accomplish with ease. You will run into a few problems other than weather while trying to turn heads at a fest. There is the fact that you don’t have access to your glamorous bathroom, but rather you have a porter potty and no one wants to be in there any longer than they have to. The other is, who wants to be lugging around a giant bag all day? So lets go over some easy hairstyles, multi-tasking products, and some top secret tricks that will leave more time for sing-a-longs and selfies, and less time for whipping out your hand mirror checking for fly-aways.

Short Hair: If you have short hair and want to funk it up go with an artistic placement of some fun and funky pastel colors or add some bright pops of color with some fuse in extensions which are 10 bucks a pop and can be removed easily when you get sick of them.

Medium Hair: If you’ve got medium to long hair you can pull off some pigtail buns which I bet you haven’t worn since kindergarten. When I went to Boston Calling fest I saw a ton of gals rocking this look.

Long Hair: Most fests take place in the warm summer days when the air is hot and heavy and so are the summer flings. If you have long hair of any texture braids will work in your favor, a fishtail braid particularly. If you already can do this, great if you can’t feel free to book a lesson with one of our stylists who can show how and we can even take a video on your phone and add it to our youtube channel for you to refer back to. Or if you would rather be lazy because this is your vacation just book an appointment at one of many Braid bars that are popping up all over the place.

I Hope this helps and like I said if all else fails come in and add a few fun streaks or color, grab your multitaskers and leave with a braid from the braid bar or some beachy waves from our blow dry bar and I'll see you in the pit. Or the beer tent ;) Happy festivus!

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Kevin.Murphy product specials for everyone

We have Kevin.Murphy specials so you can enjoy the products that keep your hair healthy and gorgeous.

Kevin Murphy's Young and Hydrated Kit. The kit includes a Hydrate Me Wash, Hydrate Me Rinse, and Young Again Serum.

While supplies last we have a few awesome specials available from Kevin Murphy. Right now, when you purchase Hydrate-Me Wash and Rinse, you receive a FREE Young.Again Serum. This box set saves you more than $40, wow! I mean, you have to love free stuff – I know we do! Also, if you have aging hair or very long hair (because let’s face it, that’s some old hair too), you can purchase Young.Again Wash and Rinse and get a FREE Shimmer.Shine Spray. Shimmer.Shine has gold particles in it that make your locks bling bling! Ask us how to use this spray in a very cool way too, when we saw it used this way we were blown away (no pun intended).

Kevin.Murphy products, as always, are cruelty-free and paraben-free. All the products contain essential oils for performance reasons, not just to make it smell pretty. It’s a super cool line that is earth friendly and that makes it even better in my book.

My favorite product this month is the Anti.Gravity Spray. If you like to curl you hair and wish it would last all day, then this is a must have in your tool kit. This spray is made specifically so the ingredients will not wilt away your curls after a few hours. We use this on our Miss NH girls for important events and it’s reassuring to see their photos taken hours later and they still look salon fresh!









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